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You Can’t Please Everyone! But You Can Please Yourself!

You can’t please everyone, but you can please yourself.
And it’s so true that you can’t please everyone.
I was like that. Always trying to make everyone happy.

Nothing wrong with the intention.
I am still trying to make people happy.
But now I place myself first.

Before I did not do that.
I did not place myself first.
I did not place myself last either.
I did not place myself AT ALL!

How about that?
Can you relate to that?

This habit can last for a while, a long while, even a lifetime.

But if you are like me and have your dreams in mind that you did not achieve yet
and that are constantly present in the back of your mind…

If you are like me, to achieve your own dreams,you are going to need to stop that.
Stop not placing yourself AT ALL.
You’re even going to need to place yourself FIRST!

It might seem very self-centered. It might not seem compassionate at all.

But it’s the only way. The only way that you are going to be able to give yourself the priority.
Not only to YOURSELF, but to the BEST in Yourself.

And you know what? If you extract the BEST in YOURSELF and get good at it, your life is going to become
so beautiful. Your dreams are going to manifest, one by one.
And you know what on top of that? You are going to be able to help the people you want to help WAY MORE
than the way you were doing it before.
And you know what on top of the top of that?
You are going to be really happy if you achieve what you really want to.
By that I mean, not other people’s dreams but YOUR own dreams.

So make this sacrifice of placing yourself FIRST.
YOU are the value that you can give to others. And when you become TRUE to YOURSELF, the value you will bring to others
will make them rich, and you too (I am not talking here only about material wealth, of course).

Start today. Look at where you could start. Cancel the party that you didn’t want to go to but felt you had to. Go to the Spa
instead, because you wished you could do that, for months.
Look at your schedule, reorganize. Find some time to practice your favorite activity.
Write a chapter of that book you’ve had in mind for so long. Go to the movies with your children.
Whatever is going to make you feel good and more like yourself.

You cannot please everyone… but you can please yourself… and change the world from there on!

With Love,

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