Find Your Dream And You Will Find Yourself!

Woman changing realityWe all have many dreams for our future. Some we know about, some we are not even aware of, yet. But there is one dream in you, that, if you can locate and recognize it, your life will become more illuminated. You will feel happier with life. You will think clearer. Things will suddenly becomeeasy to do. Work that was getting hard to do, such as, chores will become a breeze to do.

We all have that ONE dream within us.

Some of us have known what it is since we were very little. Others discover it later in life. Some never see it and will pass away without even realizing they had a dream. Just being aware of it could have changed their life.

If you can find this dream, you will feel relieved. Maybe, you will cry. But relief will follow the tears. Next, if you can conceive that you can one day achieve it, this will bring you happiness. Then, if you can start doing things, even little things that will bring you closer to accomplishing it, your life will change.

It is not the realization of the dream that will make your life change. Although, this will probably happen, too.

It is each thing that you are going to do to make it happen and this is going to change your outcome in life. This is going to change your attitude towards life. It is going to change your actions and it will change your direction in life.

This is what is going to change your life.

Your dream is going to transform you.

How do you find that dream?


Dream that you are finding your dream.

And dream about other things you want in life, too.

At one point, it is going to show up.

It may show up while you are dreaming. But it can show up anytime, anyplace. Be alert. Be ready to receive it.

And when it shows up, don’t be scared.

Even if it seems too big for you to imagine yourself doing it.

If you can even conceive it, it is probably because you are able to achieve it.

Once you see it, you will know it is this one.

Don’t tell yourself you are crazy!

Accept your dream –

It is a part of you.

It is the thing that is the more YOU in yourself.

Just accepting that you have this dream can change your life.

You were made to dream and created to achieve those dreams.

You may have been forced into believing that the world was functioning differently than that. But, it is not.

Find your dream and you will find yourself.

Find your dream to find yourself.

When you meet yourself, then, a great adventure is going to begin!

With Love,


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