The Kind Soul of Forest Lawn

Yesterday it was October 12th, 2016 and I had the weirdest day possible.
Never experienced that before.
I lived two extremes of my life.
One extreme was about beauty, peace, communication, hope and love. I received it and it changed my life.
The other extreme was hostility, ugliness, greediness. I heard it. The person tried to press it on me. I did not keep it. It did not change my life because I am already riding on the side where I know that only kindness, validation and love can rule and the other, the one that terrorizes someone to control him, is an illusion. So I will only talk about my first adventure from yesterday.  The second one, well, soon it will be forgotten.
It all started in the morning when I went to Forest Lawn with my daughter, to the tomb of a dear friend.
I never liked cemeteries. I generally want to get out of there fast.
But yesterday was different. The place was so beautiful with the green grass and tall trees, the blue sky and clouds
and the aesthetic white statues everywhere. It was close to magical.
I did not even cry like I normally do.
At one point in the morning, while on way back from putting the old flowers in the trash, I got attracted to another part of the cemetery, a little crypt with more tombs. Something was dragging me in that direction. I stopped in front of a wall of niches and immediately I knew why my steps brought me there as I was looking down at a specific tomb while being suddenly possessed by a sensation that I never experienced before like this. Sort of a constant chill in my whole body. A vibration. Immediately I knew that I was in connection with another soul, the soul from this tomb down there.
There was a plate with a name. Flowers on each side. A half full bottle of wine and a cigarette. I thought that was cool.
While the chill was continuing in my whole being, I had the impression to be in 2 dimensions, in the usual dimension and in the spirit world.
This was intense and new and a little shocking. I had heard about people who can get in contact with spirits and did not know what to think. But now I had no doubt that this was possible. The main thing that was said to me via this vibration was “I am here”. I answered by telling him (by the name it seemed he was a guy) that he did not need to stay right there and could move around in the world (I have no religion but I believe that our soul energy doesn’t die and possibly reincarnates). The vibration also told me that he did not want to have been put here. But he fine otherwise.
It lasted for long minutes. It was a sensation I will never forget. It cannot be really described. I just know I could stay there with this kind of connection, forever.
I am very grateful to this soul to have contacted me as it suddenly opened a new view of life for me.
After a while, I left. I decided that before I leave the cemetery, I would walk back there to write the name down and look it up on line, just in case I could possibly put a face to it, just for fun.
Fifteen minutes later, my daughter had gone back to the car to get water. I was sitting on our blanket on the grass next to our friend’s tomb when I see two guys arriving and going in the direction of the crypt I was previously in. They went straight to the same place that I had my supernatural experience. They looked like bikers a little bit. I knew they were going to the same tomb. I couldn’t see the tomb from where I was sitting but I was seeing them.
After a while I saw them leaving. My heart was beating because I knew I had to talk to them. And I usually don’t run after strangers in a cemetery to tell them that their dead relative just talked to me!
But I had to do it. I went to them, called them and asked them if they were family of this person. They answered positively. They said: “You don’t know who he is?” They seemed very surprised. I said no. They told me who it was, I apologized saying I was very bad with names. I understood he was a famous musician and yes I knew the band’s name but not his. I told them what just happened, specifying that I knew I may look weird and ridiculous… They listened to me and told me I was lucky. Well maybe the real reason this happened to me was because this soul wanted me to relay a message to the visitors. Who knows? I am not sure they were family but they told me they came all the way from Germany to visit his grave.
I am just very thankful to this man to have chosen me to do that because it really changed my life yesterday. It is like having peaked through a hole into a parallel universe that exists but that we don’t see most of the time or aren’t aware of.
I am glad I did not know his name. Probably I would have had too many considerations doing the same thing (talking to the visitors) if I had known he was famous.
Now I know who he is. I went online. He is a kind soul. Full of love. And I have a new friend.


PS: today when I am publishing this blog is 3 days later and I can say this encounter has changed my life in a very unexpected way.  I will see life and death in a different way forever. I am also in awe at the energetic power of this soul to have called me and communicated with me at this level.  Really, who else dared talked to me from over there before? It is a gift that I will be forever grateful for. I have also noticed that a certain category of fear that I was experiencing has disappeared.






  1. Hi Nat, I just discovered this. I am blown away!!! I believe in these things. You are blessed with a gift. Have you tried to read for anyone? Do you know of Tyler Henry, the hollywood psychic? He has a tv show and reads for famous people and he is fabulous. I’m dying to talk to you. I always knew you were a wonderful person, but I’m so impressed with your spirituality. We must talk. I’m so excited!! What an unveiling you experienced.

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