Somebody Needs Your Dream And Will Help You Realize It!

It has been 1 year already! Today it has been 1 year that we got married!

We met when I was entering the second part of my life, the month before my 45thbirthday. I was still dreaming about finding the man of my dreams. Dreaming paid off, because, suddenly, he appeared in my life.

NEVER give up on your dreams!

It was not easy. I lived through years of confusion and turmoil. But I never gave up on myself. How I wanted to live when I was a teenager, well hey, I started living it at the age of 45! And life has never been so good.

Don’t underestimate your power. You can switch your state of mind from one second to another if you want. Sure it may take a little while before you are able to do it. But the more you do it, the more you’ll get into the habit of being able to do it and the easier it will become. You will start changing your life by changing your state of mind.

You can conquer your life and conquer the universe. I know, what I am saying, it is a little bit cliché but what I mean is that if you keep your new viewpoint that you will win, that you will achieve what you want, that you will succeed, that you will find the person of your dreams, that you will make the money you desire, and that if you continue to focus on that, chances are that you will achieve it!

Now the danger is when you start listening to other people who are not like this and who are going to talk about the contrary. People who are going to tell you that you cannot do this or that, or that this is not possible, or that to get this job, you need this diploma and you’ll never be able to get in the door, or that rich people are bad people and it is better to stay where we are, etc.

This will kill your dreams.

Again, don’t underestimate your power. Sometimes you are going to fail. But is it a failure? Not if you find a way to turn it into a learning experience or even an opportunity.

I experienced the following several times: if you have a dream, whatever it is, out there , there is also somebody (or several people even) who need your dream, because it is going to help them! This person out there – you have no clue who they are or where they are yet – they also have dreams, things they want to realize, or simply some goals. Your dream, your project, they need it too! We are not on this planet alone, by ourselves. We are all here altogether. This is a weird thing to realize. But my experience with this is that if you start taking actions on your dreams, and you don’t give up, at one point you are going to come in contact with those people who need you and your dreams in their life! It is magical!

This does not only exist in relationships – you’re dreaming of your soul mate and your soul mate is dreaming of you  – but it also happens in business, in handling common life problems, etc.

It can be very simple things. I remember a long time ago when I had no money, I was collecting things on the side of the road that people didn’t want anymore and had put on the curb in front of their houses. I really wanted a TV and the following day I just picked up one off the street. It was working. At that time, this same thing happened with many other items including a microwave oven. They needed to get rid of it and I needed one. It was perfect!

It can happen with more complex things. For example, I needed to rent a house. What’s regular here in Los Angeles is that people check your credit, then they ask for first and last month deposit, or at least one month deposit. I wanted a cool house, not just a regular box in Los Angeles, but something special, nice, with trees and large yard and space, etc. I had no credit, in fact bad credit. I did not have money for any deposit. If I had listened to family and friends, they said it was impossible. So I looked at the situation and I wrote down exactly what kind of rental I wanted to find.  I wrote down the number of rooms, the location, the size of the yard, things like this, and also that “the landlord was going to rent it to me because he liked me, with no credit check and no deposit”.

Guess what happened? A few days later I found a rental. The whole first floor of a big mansion located on top of a hill. With the whole hill being the property – several acres – and with lots of trees. It had  an incredible view of Los Angeles and the landlord did not check my credit nor asked for any deposit. Later I found out that he rented it to me out of all the other applicants, because he liked me. His goal was to find someone who genuinely  liked the house and would take good care of it. It was a real life saver at the time, believe me. I was by myself with my two children and needed a place to be.

I could write a whole book of similar stories.

I am telling you this to emphasize again that you need to WRITE DOWN EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT and push through until you get it!

And you know what? This is YOUR universe too! You CAN influence it!


With Love,


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