When We Walk In Faith, There Are No Failures Only Steps.

This morning I realized that I’d believed I was a faithful person, but in reality I was not. I did not have total faith.

Because if I had total faith, I would never worry.

If I had total faith, I would never get angry.

If I had total faith, I would already have reached a greater level in which abundance flows without restrictions.

This morning I realized that I was living in an illusion of faith.

This morning I reached a new level of trust with myself.

I saw the lies. I saw the maybes.

I suddenly understood that with true faith, any action that I undertake in this spirit of trust will be a step that leads me toward my goals and that even if things seem wrong or inadequate at that moment, it is one more step in the direction of myself as who I really am. One more step towards my discovery of life according to my own dreams.

I should never be disappointed, knowing that to go somewhere generally it takes several steps, sometime a lot of steps. Sometimes you walk on smooth cement or across a beautiful green lawn. Sometimes you have to walk on rocks, little gravel that hurts the feet, pieces of glass, even fire. Sometimes you have to make your way across high weeds or climb walls. Sometimes you have to walk in shoes that aren’t your size. Sometimes you are bare foot and you get blisters. Sometimes you even get bloody.

But, these are steps forward. If I know that and have faith, I can go anywhere. I can achieve anything.

I just need to put one foot in front of the other. And then again. And again.

How many times did you achieve something that only took one step?When you walk in faith, there are no (1)

When you feel lost, just pick up your feet and continue walking.

When you feel depressed, realize it is just one step. Find a place where you can take one more step, and take it. Sometimes you will have to jump. And you may fall. You may even never get up again.

But if you don’t take the next step, what is going to happen?

What will you chose?

Take the next step and maybe die.

Or stay still and stop living.

Next time that life is tough on you, remember that it is just one step in the grand vision of your life. Focus on your own truth, your own dreams and continue to walk knowing that those manifestations of lack, fear, pain, intolerance, etc. are things to be walked on, walked through and walked across to reach your own destination.

Have a great trip my friend!



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