You Are Unique. Don’t Try To Become Like Everyone Else!

You are unique. Don’t try to become like everyone else!

There was a great female coach who asked on Facebook for her followers to share three things which makes you UNIQUE and DIFFERENT from all others.

I hesitated a second. What makes ME unique and different from others? Is it perseverance, hard work, belief? Hmm… that did not feel like it sounded like myself. Although I do this kind of thing, the greatest thing about “MYSELF” was something else.

So, I wrote: I am not disciplined, I dream a lot, and I feel 20 despite all of my wrinkles. When I wrote that, I smiled: this was the real me!

Of course, you can improve yourself and your attitude! I highly recommend it, so, that you can make it in this world, but while you do it, don’t deny YOURSELF of whom you truly are. You are unique. You have unique capabilities and abilities. You have a unique power that will work only if you respect your integrity towards yourself.

Don’t try to be like Jack or Marie, who are very successful.

Yes, I know, there are role models.

However, the truth is: you cannot become someone else.

If you try to take on someone else’s personality, you may achieve some things in your life, but in the end, will you be happy?

The way I use role models is that I read their books, I talk to them, I watch them, and I take the inspiration of what I like with them and what will fit me – but, I use it to mold myself into a better me.

You need to keep your inner qualities, and make them bloom.

I tried for so many years to get myself organized and disciplined. It never worked. I put myself under pressure to do this and that and do things in my business that were supposed to lead to prosperity. It created the contrary effect. Don’t get me wrong, there is some very good advice out there. But you need to adapt them to your life and who you are – not become just like them.

Life is not as serious as some people want you to believe it is.

I am not trying to follow “to the letter” the organizing principles of gurus anymore. I take snippets of what I like from them and then I adapt it to my life. I organize myself according to how I want to feel.

I start my day emphasizing what I know is me. I put my attention first on my goals and my dreams, then, I do things that I enjoy doing in my work. I don’t necessarily “eat the frog”.

And you know what? This brings me to a state in which I am happier. And things start to happen.

I am not saying that YOU don’t need to eat the frog first thing in the morning – no, what I am saying is that you need to find WHAT WILL WORK FOR YOU! If you are a neat and organized person and that is who you are, then you should stay true to that.

When I am in a state of happiness, things happen with less force. More customers buy my products, I make more money and then, I can hire someone to do the organizing. My problem is not that I don’t know how to organize, in fact, I learned how to do it. I did it successfully for other people with an employee type mindset. My problem is that I am not on this earth to organize things.

I am on this earth to give the best of myself and the best of myself is not in organizing or achieving things that don’t matter much to me while respecting strict rules.

I find the best of myself when I create good things in my daydreaming and they happen. I find it when I make people I love happy. I find it when I share with people what I believe will help them. Sometimes, I find it when I clean my kitchen or when I help my husband grinding tons of tree branches. I can be a hard worker. But it is me deciding what I am going to do. You need to tell the universe what you really want. I know that it is easy to say and sometimes, it does not work. That’s ok, it’s all part of the game. What would you do if you’d get all you want right away? Wouldn’t you be bored to death?

So, you’re going to create your own games for yourself, even if you’re not aware of them. But if you believe in your inner power, you’ll have more chances to live a happy life!

Because it’s not about money, it’s about how you feel.

Create yourself first, the money will soon follow.

You are unique. Don’t try to become like everyone else.

With Love,


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